Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You would think I should have posted when Jackson was four months, but this title suggests how long it has been since I have blogged. Where does the time go? I have been so busy lately and kind of annoyed with blogger (it is 10x's easier to upload pictures on Facebook), but I will update lots soon. I didn't think it really mattered but my dad got on to me this weekend and I realized it's probably time to catch up. (another problem, too far behind=do not want to try and catch up). Jackson is actually 7 MONTHS this weekend. Holy cow! He is so adorable. We love him so much. But, another reason for my slacking, he is so interested in everything around him that he has decided that he doesn't like to miss out on anything and is NOT a good sleeper. I used to think that such a characteristic was due to the mother's lack of effort in enforcing a schedule, etc. but I have been humbled! It's a good thing he's so cute to make up for it.
This was at the zoo yesterday (I forgot a bib hence the nakedness!). I LOVE that I have a chubby baby this time around. It is so exciting to have a child that is actually on the charts. He is definitely a boy and is soooo active! Madison loves him to death and has to be a part of everything he does. This was a few weeks ago when we were giving Jackson a quick bath in the sink and Madison insisted on geting in after taking all her clothes off. I fear that they will look like twins soon with the way he is growing!

So, just a beginning to what we have been up to. I'll try to get everything up soon! Thanks for still checking dad!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jackson's Blessing

On the 4th of January we blessed Jackson here in San Antonio. We appreciated everyone who drove up for it and missed my family (my grandpa passed away early that morning and they had to leave town). Brian gave a beautiful blessing and we loved the outfit his aunt Heather and grandma Jo gave him. After sacrament we went home and enjoyed a big lunch and visiting!

Madison and Eric are the cutest cousins! I love watching them play together-they love being with each other! They wanted to share the same chair and eat together.

And then they decided to dance together on the table!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Loving Memory

Our holidays were a roller coaster this year as we received the news that my Grandmother Jane had passed away on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day my grandfather was placed in ICU and they did not think he would make it through the day. We immediately planned to make the drive to Lubbock that weekend and although we felt sympathy for my grandfather, part of me prayed that he would be able to join her quickly. He ended up beating the odds and seemed to improve slowly. We felt so blessed to be able to see him and that he was able to meet his first great-grandson. Arrangements were made and we attended grandma's funeral that Monday and headed home the next day. Grandpa then followed about a week and a half later and I made the trip a second time to attend his funeral. Losing someone is so difficult yet there was such peace in the fact that they were together. I'll always remember them and cherish the summers I stayed with them while going to basketball camp.
Jane Curlee (Nov. 19, 1921-Dec. 24, 2008) & Clyde Curlee, Sr. (Dec. 6, 1923-Jan. 4, 2009)
It is sweet seeing them side by side once again.

The one good thing was being able to see family and reflecting on memories together.

The Siblings and spouses:
Our family:
My cousing Leah and her boyfriend Scotty:
Mom and Dad:
My bro:
And the Lermons even came and supported:

The experience really made me appreciate the gospel in my life and it also made me reflect on what is important and what I should be focusing on. I love this poem and shared something similar at my grandfather's funeral:
Suppose today were your last day on earth
The last mile of the journey you've trod;
After all of your struggles how much are you worth,
How much can you take home to God?

Oh, don't count as your possessions your silver and gold
For tomorrow you leave these behind.
All that is yours to have and to hold
Is the service you've rendered mankind.

Monday, January 12, 2009

More December Catch Up!

After Christmas we went down to the Waller Property and had a blast shooting bows & skeet (spelling?), riding 4 wheelers, eating yummy food made in the dutch oven, playing volleyball, swinging, etc.

Jackson was such a trooper and even let Madison push him around in her umbrella stroller.

She used to be scared to death of the 4 wheeler but she LOVED it this trip. We couldn't get her off it.

Even when we weren't riding it she still wanted to sit on it and pretend to drive.


Grandma Jo and Jackson (hiding in the Baby Bjorn).

Brittani, one of the most talented people I know, was assigned to be the director of the annual Nativity play this Christmas Eve. She did such an amazing job, acted in the play herself, and even made a program listing the parts, script, and even listed all the actors with a humorous bio. Madison and Aunt Jamie were angels:

The Smith boys were wise men but poor Eric was tired and retired early.

The Shepherds: Brent and Brittani

Joseph and Mary:

The whole cast: (minus Eric of course)

Jackson was baby Jesus and although he had been so content the trip thus far of course he screamed bloody murder pretty much the whole time! Murphy's law!

Another couple in their ward, also The Smith's came over and shared their professional singing talents with us and we sang carols for awhile after. Madison LOVES to sing now and demonstrated her talent as well:

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve and I love their tradition of doing the play every year. The one (and probably only in my opinion) good thing about having a baby this time of year is that I feel so much more grateful for Mary and the trials she endured as she became a mother.
May we all remember the Savior and make more "room" for him throughout the year!

December catch up

December is a crazy month in our household and if I have any say in it-we are not having another winter baby! This past month we celebrated Madison's 2nd birthday, Brian's 27th birthday, and our 3rd wedding anniversary-crazy! With a one month old baby the celebrations were very low key but fun! As soon as Brian finished school we headed to Hempstead and enjoyed time with family:

Madison loved hanging out with Eric-they both love being outside and had a blast!

Brian loved having a break from school and getting lots of time with Madison. He is definitely loving playing with her-I keep trying to get him to spend more time with Jackson but he claims that he is in the "boring phase!"

Welcome 2009!

The past two months have flown by and have been very busy. I am going to attempt to catch everything up so be prepared for many posts! We are loving having Jackson in our lives-he is such an angel. I have really enjoyed the whole experience a lot more this time-maybe because with the second you realize how quickly they grow up and learn to treasure every day more and it also helps that I wasn't as scared or traumatized this time knowing what to expect. Here are a couple more pictures from the hospital:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jackson's Here!

Jackson Read Black was born Friday, November 14th at 1:45 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 9 oz and was 20 inches long. We are so excited he is finally here and he really is a good baby. I am recovering a little slower than I'd like but such is life with a c-section. Everything went really well though-Jackson had to spend awhile in the nursery with breathing problems and I was going crazy wanting to see him-finally almost 8 hours later they brought him to me. Madison thinks he is cute but I still don't think she really comprehends it all. Unfortunately we have had to keep Jackson away from her since she was diagnosed with hand, mouth, foot disease the morning before he was born. She is healing though and gets really excited when she sees him-I think she is going to be great with him. Luckily Brian's mom, Jolynne is here and she is saving my life! Here are a couple pictures and I will try to put more up soon-I know these aren't the best!